Life Scientific International

Product Development

Our goal is to be the leader in off-patent plant protection product development. Through 20 years of specialising, we have built a unique capability in off patent science, which enables us to be innovative in all aspects of product development, and in all markets.

Our scientists “work smarter” and avoid reinventing the wheel. This allows us to get to market first, without ever compromising on quality. It also enables us to develop innovative solutions to our customers’ needs, partnering with our distributors to bring to market products that solve real problems in the field.

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Product Range – Today

Our current range is focused on single-active, identical formulations of brand leaders. Our scientists use sophisticated techniques to identify and quantify at the molecular level every component of the product.  While our competitors rely on achieving “comparable” products, ours are identical in every way to the brand leaders, using the latest in formulation innovation. The only difference between our product and the brand leader product is cost: ours costs less.

Product Range – Tomorrow

Our range is expanding beyond single active products to more innovative crop protection solutions, including improved formulations and novel combinations. Our unique knowledge of off-patent science means we can rapidly incorporate new ideas and technologies to ensure our customers have access to the latest and best innovations in the industry.