Life Scientific International

About Life Scientific

We specialise in bringing high quality off-patent crop protection products to market. Our goal is to give our customers better options to meet their plant protection needs.

We can do this by being first to market with an off-patent alternative, or by designing innovative versions of current off-patents.

Our scientists navigate complex organic and analytical chemistry and regulatory requirements to develop optimised formulations. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our holistic approach and smart working practices ensure our products stand up to the most rigorous scientific and regulatory standards.

So if it’s under the Life Scientific brand you can be confident it’s as effective as the current leading standards in the market, if not better.

Our Values

We are passionate about being the best at what we do. We believe in partnering only with the best. The success of our business is based on honesty and integrity in all our working relationships.

Why Choose Life Scientific

Check out our video below to understand why Life Scientific products are identical to those of the market leader.

International Presence

We aim to continually add to our portfolio of product registrations in new markets. Click the map below to see our current distributor network and be sure to check back for our latest additions.

Our business model is based on exclusive relationships with key distributors in each of our target markets. A co-operative approach ensures our product development pipeline is driven by our distributors’ feedback from farmers and growers on the problems they face and the solutions they need most. In this way, we work together with our distributors towards the best possible outcomes for all.

We are passionate about being the best at what we do, and working with the best in the crop protection industry. We partner with distributors who, like us, value integrity, and believe in always delivering for their customers.


Our new Headquarters at Belfield Office Park

We’ve moved! But not too far…

Having been based at NovaUCD, the innovation hub at Ireland’s largest University (University College Dublin) for many years, our ongoing growth and development has lead us to a brand new headquarters location.  Our new home, spread over three floors of bespoke laboratory and office space, is located right beside the University campus, so the collaborations we’ve built up and the unique access to state of the art technical and scientific resources will continue.

Quality systems

Quality and excellence are central to everything we do. We take the time to ensure we are sourcing active ingredients of superior quality and work strictly with suppliers who we know, or who we have had recommended to us.

Our Supply Chain Operation has had ISO 9001:2008  accreditation since December 2014. We successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015  in November 2016. In addition to continuous monitoring by our Quality Compliance team, our Quality System is audited twice a  year by Certification Europe ( the body responsible for ISO accreditation in Ireland.