KINGSTON® is a broad-spectrum, post-emergence herbicide that is absorbed quickly through the leaves and transported systemically into the plant.

KINGSTON® is excellently effective against annual weeds as well as problem weeds e.g. cornflower, knotweed, (also resistant) burdock ragwort and camomile.

KINGSTON® is well tolerated in cereals.

Active ingredients

Florasulam 2.5g/l, Fluroxypyr 100g/l, Clopyralid 80g/l

Key uses

Burdock ragwort, Black mustard ,Field mustard, Forget-me-not
Field rape, Hogweed, Camomile species, Corn poppy
Cornflower, Chickweed, Bird's knotweed, Vetch

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.