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S-METOLASTAR® is a multi-crop herbicide approved for use on, among others, corn, sunflower, sorghum, soybeans, beets and beans.

The active ingredient, S-metolachlor, is particularly effective in controlling a broad spectrum of annual grasses, as well as certain broadleaf weeds such as geraniums. Mainly used pre-emergence, S-METOLASTAR® is also registered for post-emergence applications (4-5 corn leaves).

The maximum recommended dose of S-metolachlor is 1,000 g/ha/year, i.e. 1.04 l/ha/year, on all types of maize (grain corn, forage maize, sweet corn, seed production), and on sunflower, millet, moha, soya and sorghum.

Active ingredients
  • 960 g/l s-metolachlor, EC
Key uses
Broad spectrum of grasses

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