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LS Metconazol

LS METCONAZOL is a triazole based fungicide with curative and protectant activity against a range of diseases in wheat, barley, rye, triticale and oilseed rape. LS METCONAZOL is particularly effective against yellow and brown rust in wheat and is the ideal tank mix partner with chlorothalonil for the control of Septoria tritici. In addition to controlling Phoma stem canker in oilseed rape, LS METCONAZOL when applied at the stem extension stage can give a reduction in crop height which may be useful in reducing the risk of crop lodging.

LS Metconazol
Active ingredients
  • 60 g/l metconazole EC
Key uses
Yellow rust and brown rust in wheat
Good reduction of ear fusarium in wheat
Phoma Stem Canker and height reduction in oil seed rape

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